We help …

To provide a common forum for mutual interaction and co-operation amongst the Consultants.

To propagate and popularize the concept of globalization of norms and standards of the professional services provided by the Consultants.

To provide assistance, guidance and information relating to facilities for all types of domestic, international & commercial Consultancy.

To highlight importance of utmost efficiency in providing services to business community and the need for qualitative up gradation of professional services.

To identify the problems of commercial Consultancy and suggest ways and means of overcoming any constraints experienced by the professionals.

To disseminate information through publication of educational material in the form of Magazines, Journals, New letters etc covering related field of commercial Consultancy.

To study the rules, techniques and procedures to conduct research and undertake projects to promote and uplift the standard of profession of commercial Consultancy.

To organize Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Study groups in India and abroad.