Membership Fee

1 Corporate members (Life time)

Any consultant firm/Organization (other
than Individual) who gives one-time contribution of Rs. 1,50,000/*- or $15000* can apply.

2 Fellows (Life time)

Any consultant (who is an individual) and   who gives one-time contribution of

Rs. 10000/*- or $ 1000* can apply.
3 Associates Members (Annual Members)

Any Consultant who gives one-time entry fee of Rs. 2500/*- or $250* and an annual subscription of Rs. 1000/*- or $ 100* can apply.

4 Ordinary members (Life Members) Any Individual, Firm, Company, Organization, Institution, Society, or Association (who/which is not consultant) who gives Rs. 15000/*- or $ 1500* can apply.



Taxes :-    GST 18% Extra.

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